iVend Terminal POS - Perpetual

iVend Terminal POS is installed on the traditional POS terminals seen in stores. The application works on a touch screen interface and/or using a keyboard and a mouse.

iVend Terminal POS is a key customer touch point and the execution point for the retail configuration defined for the store where it is installed. This configuration includes pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, returns, etc. iVend Terminal POS’ intuitive user interface can be operated utilizing a touch screen and/or keyboard and mouse or a combination of all three-interface methods.

When licensed in the perpetual mode, iVend Terminal POS (Perpetual License) licenses can be used till perpetuity. Software Assurance must be purchased for the first year. After the expiration of Software Assurance, Licensee may renew the Software Assurance on the terms and conditions then applicable.

However to continue receiving upgrades and patches, it is mandatory to license iVend Terminal POS (Perpetual License) Software Assurance.

Software Assurance licenses are mandatory for the first year.

Starting iVend 6.4 R2, iVend Terminal & Mobile POS licenses can be used interchangeably.