iVend eCommerce Perpetual

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce, mCommerce platform allowing retailers to offer their products on the web.

iVend eCommerce seamlessly integrates all masters like products, product groups, product categories, customers, customer groups, product images, price lists, gift cards, coupons, loyalty points, and many more to ensure easy management of eCommerce portal.

All transactions get integrated into iVend Enterprise at the Head Office allowing multi-channel capabilities like order online and pick up at store.

iVend eCommerce is integrated to most of the popular payment gateways and shipping carriers, imparting true eCommerce capabilities to it.

When licensed in the perpetual mode, iVend eCommerce (Perpetual License) licenses can be used till perpetuity. Software Assurance must be purchased for the first year. After the expiration of Software Assurance, Licensee may renew the Software Assurance on the terms and conditions then applicable.

However to continue receiving upgrades and patches, it is mandatory to license iVend eCommerce (Perpetual License) Software Assurance.

Software Assurance is mandatory for the first year.

An iVend eCommerce License is applicable to only 1(one) domain name

From the second year onwards the retailer has the option NOT to license the Software Assurance licenses. Later, should the retailer decide to opt in for Software Assurance, the retailer will have to pay the Software Assurance from retrospective effect + Software Assurance for the current year.

The SA (Software Assurance) cycle will be determined by the first purchase. The SA cycle of all subsequent purchases will be regularized to match the SA cycle of the first purchase.