Additional Head Office Manager Console - Subscription

Head Office Manager Console User is for the back office user at the Head Office who carries out day-to-day business functions like – creating and updating master data, defining promotions, gift cards and coupons, store specific pricing and taxation, etc. The Head Office Manager Console User also manages functions such as; inventory transactions for the distribution centre, creating centralized Purchase Orders, generating different reports, dashboards, managing approvals and user rights, etc.

Head Office Manager Console User is a user CAL license for the iVend Management Console application installed at the Head Office.

When licensed in the perpetual mode, Head Office Manager Console User (Perpetual License) licenses can be used till perpetuity. Software Assurance must be purchased for the first year. After the expiration of Software Assurance, Licensee may renew the Software Assurance on the terms and conditions then applicable.

However to continue receiving upgrades and patches, it is mandatory to license Head Office Manager Console User (Perpetual License) Software Assurance.

ONLY one (1) Head Office Manager Console User license is included in the first purchase. All additional Head Office Manager Console Users are licensed

iVend 6.4 R2 & above offers, below listed, extremely flexible licensing model.
• Interchangeable Device and User Licensing**
• Retailer decides if the licenses are to be allocated to Devices or Users
• A mix of Device and User Licenses can also be allocated across the landscape
• The license allocation can be interchanged at any time
This essentially means they’ll be able to use iVend 6.2 device based licensing model with iVend 6.4 R2

** Device and User Licensing

User License

• User Based
• Login from any device
• Login from any Location
• Keep same User ID/ Password

Device License
• Device Based
• Multiple Users on same device
• Login from any Licensed Device
• Keep same User ID/ Password

The Software Assurance is mandatory for the first year.

From the second year onwards the retailer has the option NOT to license Software Assurance. Later, should the retailer decide to opt in for Software Assurance, the retailer will have to pay for the Software Assurance from retrospective effect + Software Assurance for the current year.

Software Assurance for Head Office Manager Console User has to be renewed along with the SA for iVend Store licenses. SA for User licenses cannot be renewed or discontinued in isolation.

The SA (Software Assurance) cycle will be determined by the first purchase. The SA cycle of all subsequent purchase will be regularized to match the SA cycle of the first purchase.

Head Office Manager Console User licenses cannot be interchanged with User Licenses at the Store.