iVend Mobile POS - Subscription

iVend Mobile POS is a POS on a mobile device. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads (iOS 7 and above) and select models of Android Phones (4” to 6”) and Android Tablets (7”, 8”, 10”), (Android version 4 and above). iVend Mobile POS can either connect to the store server over a WiFi connection or to iVend Enterprise over a 3G/4G/LTE connection.

iVend Mobile, enables the creation and completion of transactions from virtually anywhere — in-store, sidewalk, street or mobile (pop-up) stores, retail expos, etc.

It is suitable for all types of retail environments. It allows retail chains to expand faster by opening new outlets more quickly by significantly reducing the time and investment required to implement IT infrastructure. iVend Mobile POS assists retail chains by quickly increasing the checkout points and maximize on expensive and valuable retail real estate space. They are highly valuable for better managing periods of high sales volumes.

iVend Mobile POS (Subscription License) in the Annual Subscription mode can be licensed with 2(two) payment options – annual payment or monthly payment.

In both the options the Software Assurance licenses are included.

In subscription licensing, the subscription period is annual while the payment cycle can be monthly or annual, paid in advance. For example – if a Mobile POS is licensed in January and the retailer wants to forego the licenses in June, he will be charged till December, after which the licenses will automatically expire. The partner (on behalf of the customer) will cancel the subscription. In such a case, the partner's card will be charged for the remainder of the year. The product licenses will continue to work till the end of the year.

In this mode of licensing, the credit card of the partner will be charged depending whether the payment mode is annual or monthly.

In the monthly payment mode, the Credit Card will not be ‘blocked’ for the annual amount.

Starting iVend 6.4 R2, iVend Terminal & Mobile POS licenses can be used interchangeably.