iVend Hospitality - Subscription

Available only on subscription licensing, iVend Hospitality is an integrated business management solution specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements for restaurants and cafés from (QSR) Quick Serve Retailing to fine dining.

The solution enables the optimization of the restaurant POS operations with the processes incorporated to further streamline business retailing in a restaurant. Key components include table management, reservations, KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket), recipe management, combining or splitting of bills, and many more industry standard features that are required to effectively manage hospitality businesses.

iVend Hospitality is only available as an annual subscription model with two (2) payment options being made available – either annually or monthly.

iVend Hospitality is licensed per iVend POS terminal and is not available for iVend Mobile POS

The iVend Hospitality licenses are mandatory and the number required are linked to the total number of terminal POS licenses needed.

Software Assurance is included in the annual subscription model.

With subscription licensing, the renewal period is annual, but the payment cycle can be either monthly or annually with full payment needing to be settled in advance. For example – if iVend Hospitality is licensed in January and the retailer wants to forego the licenses in June, they will be charged until December, after which the licenses will automatically expire. The partner, on behalf of the customer, will cancel the subscription. In such a case, the partner will be charged for the remainder of the year. The product licenses will continue to be valid until expiry at the end of the year.

In this mode of licensing, the partner will be charged depending on whether the payment method selected, i.e. either annually or monthly.

In the monthly payment mode, the Credit Card will not be ‘blocked’ for the annual amount.